Retail Leasing

Marcus & Millichap’s Retail Leasing Team is a Specialized Group of Brokers, Researchers, Analysts and Marketers Bringing a Vibrant and Storied Legacy of Real Estate Transactions into the Modern-Day Market

The Retail Leasing team has represented a plethora of the nation’s best owners and developers and brings that experience forward in each subsequent business relationship.

With real estate transactions becoming increasingly complex, maintaining the relationship between the tenant and landlord is paramount. Hence, the most important trait that companies attest to when engaging an outside consultant is trust. The subtleties of the negotiation between these parties need to be approached and evaluated by an experienced broker.

The retail leasing group has been recognized for brokering more retail transactions than all other national competitors combined. Through detailed asset inspection and researching an asset’s neighbourhood, the team is able to listen to and fully comprehend its clients’ objectives. The team works closely with the client to understand who the priority targets are and what services could be a boon to the area. Through this analysis, the team is able to provide advice and support to tenants or work with landlords to develop a marketing template and prospect list utilizing digital marketing, as well as signage, to strategically market the prospect. Finally, the team creates an appropriate negotiating strategy, cultivated from experience with transactions of all sizes in the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario, to create a pleasing deal for both parties.

We encourage you to explore and experience the difference a powerful partner provides.


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