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What better way to practice team-building than to throw everyone in a couple of boats and send them down some of North America’s most exhilarating class 3-4 rapids?

The most memorable days at Form often happen when we get out of the office and just enjoy each other’s company. Every summer, we plan a trip that involves being outdoors, forgetting about our to-do lists, having fun, and usually getting a tad competitive. All in good fun, of course. These trips contribute massively to building camaraderie and nurturing the strong team dynamic we operate from within the office. This year, our choice of adventure was white water rafting with Canadian Outback Rafting, followed by enjoying some outstanding food and drinks at Howe Sound Brewing and Backcountry Brewing in Squamish.

Below, some team members share their highlights of the trip.

Team Photo

All Jack could talk about as we cruised down the river was how hungry he was.

(A consequence of not following instructions to eat a large breakfast prior to leaving land)

White Water Rapids

Mick’s favorite part of the day was “smashing 5 double peanut butter Kid Clif Bars”. His 2nd favorite part of the day was seeing the pure terror in the eyes of a coworker who, while hanging onto the side of the boat, started getting dragged underneath.

(She was ok – no one was harmed in the making of good memories)Paddles up!

Alison had this to say about her experience:

“I would say my favourite part of the day was on the white water rapids. Not only did we get a chance to experience some exhilarating rapids, but also enjoy the natural beauty of BC with all the mountains, waterfalls and forested areas. Events like this help take the everyday values that we apply in the office to an external environment. Similar to work, you’re trusting the people on the same raft as you to not flip it over, follow the instructions and work together to paddle through the rapids & get through rocky times!”

We couldn’t agree more! Another company trip in the books and we’re already looking forward to next year’s.

Team Photo

“Do your best bear impression!”

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